Bus Stop

Million Dollar Bus Stop

October 23, 2013
Neighborhood: Columbia Heights
Columbia Pike & Walter Reed
The Streetcar cancelled presentation February 2015, New Designs for Bus Stops April 2015, Transportation Plan Update January 2016, Pike Transportation Updates are Posted here


Million Dollar Busstop, Columbia Pike
There's a bright shiny bus stop where Walter Reed meets Columbia Pike. Its kinda neat and very futuristic, all stainless steel and glass with heated concrete floors.
This is the first of 24 Super Stops (now called Transit Stations) planned for Columbia Pike which will accommodate the long awaited streetcars and current buses.

Million Dollar Busstop, Columbia Pike


Arrival Board

The electronic Arrival Board gives the times when the next bus is expected to arrive. This particular bus stop services a number of buses and gives the wait time for each.

The Map

It also has a map of the area. Which could have been more interesting and helpful if it had been electronic giving the rider access to maps of local neighborhoods.

Magazine and Newspaper Boxes

The new magazine and newspaper boxes look much better than the rag tag assortment of different color boxes often seen at bus stops.

Overview of the Bus Stop


There is not Enough Space

Arlington County states that this super stop will shelter up to 15 riders, but there is not enough room, even if some of them were standing.

No real Protection

No Real Protection

The roof and walls of the structure are all style and no substance. None offer any real protection from the elements. The rider will be at the mercy of the wind, its direction will determine whether they stay wet or dry during a storm.

What little protection the roof gives only extends to one set of seats. There is not much point in having an heated floor if we are exposed to rain and snow.

Not totally enclosed

One Million Dollars

The major complaint from many in the county is the price. This one bus stop cost a Million Dollars. I cannot even begin to fathom how it could have cost that much.

After so many complaints the county has put the other 23 Transit Stations on hold while they rethink the entire structure and price.
The Streetcar cancelled presentation February 2015

New Designs for Bus Stops April 2015
Transportation Plan Update January 2016
Pike Transportation Updates are Posted here